The Copycat Art Scratcher Lets Cats Scratch the Mona Lisa

Rebecca OConnell
Erik Stehhman
Erik Stehhman / Erik Stehhman

Like many cats, Erik Stehmann's felines like to scratch things. After his pets destroyed one of his embroidered paintings, he got an idea: He'd create a fun, artistic spin on the usually drab looking cat scratchers.

"I was able to see the humor in it, resulting in the idea for the Copycat Art Scratcher," he wrote on his website. The Copycat Art Scratcher—available for purchase in April—looks just like a copy of the Mona Lisa. Unlike the real thing, it's made with sisal material, so cats are free to scratch it without upsetting their owners.

And if Renaissance isn't your cat's style, Stehmann also made a scratcher that's shaped like a large dog.