LEGO Vending Machine Dispenses McDonald's French Fries

Rudie Obias

Ever wanted McDonald’s French fries at a moment’s notice? YouTube user Astonishing Studios made a small vending machine that dispenses McDonald’s French fries and a single packet of Heinz ketchup for only $1 in quarters. But here’s the coolest part: It’s made entirely from LEGO bricks and Mindstorm electronics pieces.

The vending machine features a tiny light sensor that knows how many coins you've dropped into it, and it's smart enough to reject any change that's not a quarter. It even gives a catchy “I’m Lovin’ It” chime whenever fries and ketchup are dispensed. Inside the LEGO machine you’ll find a small coin bank and bins for ketchup packets and French fries that are ready to go.

A few months ago, Astonishing Studios created another coin-operated LEGO vending machine that dispenses Cheerios and milk for the lazy morning person in all of us. The toy maker has also created similar LEGO vending machines for KFC chicken, Skittles, Chicken McNuggets, and even Colgate toothpaste.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Header Image via Astonishing Studios