Watch a Birthday Cake of Matches Burst Into Flames


If watching 6000 matches set aflame felt a little under-whelming, now you can watch a three-tiered birthday cake of matches meet a similar fate. As reported by Popular Mechanics, YouTube user HTD is back again, this time with 1000 more matches and a new set-up that's shaped like a cake.

In the video above, it only takes about 45 seconds for the top layers of matches to spread the fire to the next layer. At the 1:30 mark, the entire cake becomes a giant fireball. Even after the fire begins to die down, the footage continues until the very last embers burn out. Take a look above.

(Disclaimer: Due to the dangerous nature of this experiment—the fire hazard as well as harmful fumes—we don't recommend trying this at home.)

[h/t Popular Mechanics]

Primary image courtesy of YouTube.