This Smart Bottle Keeps Wine Fresh and Lets You Order More

Kuvée via Indiegogo
Kuvée via Indiegogo / Kuvée via Indiegogo

Most wine bottles don't come with a docking station for recharging, but Kuvée is different. This sleek, Wi-Fi-enabled wine sleeve keeps its contents fresh for up to a month and allows you to order a new bottle once it's empty.

As reported by Engadget, Kuvée is the wine world's answer to the Keurig. Owners will be able to load the bottle-shaped shell with an aluminum canister of one of close to 50 varieties of vino. The sleeve's spout prevents air from getting in and the opaque exterior blocks the wine from damaging light. Wine-lovers who struggle to finish a single bottle in one sitting will never have to feel guilty about setting an opened bottle aside.

Kuvée features a color LED touchscreen that displays information about the wine inside. When the canister is empty, users will be able to order a refill directly from the Wi-Fi-connected bottle. According to the company, they plan to offer Netflix-style suggestions in the future based on each customer's wine preferences.

Kuvée is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, where they've already raised over $77,000 in donations. A smart bottle can be preordered for a pledge of $199 with shipments estimated for December of this year.

[h/t Engadget]