How Does Municipal Composting Work?

Alvin Ward

If you don’t already make your own compost, your city or town may offer to collect green refuse and do the composting themselves. But how does that stinky garbage turn into an essential farming and gardening product?

The above video from KQED News shows how Oakland, California turns its waste into compost that crops and other plants love. Scraps are hauled 45 miles away to Redwood Landfill, ground into smaller pieces, aerated and heated (to kill off pathogens), and then stored and tested before finally being sold.

Watch the video for more, and remember to check your compost before leaving it on the curb. As Redwood Landfill Technical Manager Alisha McCutcheon explains, they have found bowling balls and engine blocks in so-called “green waste” before.

Primary image via KQED News on YouTube.

[h/t The Kids Should See This]