3D-Printed Vases Promote Water Bottle Recycling

Rebecca OConnell
Claudio Morelli, Design Libero
Claudio Morelli, Design Libero / Claudio Morelli, Design Libero

There are plenty of ways you can reuse old water bottles, but very few of them are this pretty. Milan-based designer Libero Rutilo's 3D-printed covers help transform ordinary bottles into display-worthy vases. 

The covers feature special tops that screw onto most standard water bottles, just like a cap. Released by Rutilo's company DesignLibero, the series features four sleek designs: "Lace Vase," "Knitted Vase," "Sinuous Vase," and "Spider Vase." Each mesh shell offers a glimpse at the bottle within. Costumers can purchase one at Make It LEO, or those with a 3D printer on hand can produce their own

Much like the machine that transforms plastic bags into tote bags, the project uses new plastic to recycle old, partly offsetting its environmental impact. The overall goal is to get consumers thinking about ways they can reuse products, instead of throwing them away. 

[h/t Co.Design]

Images courtesy of Claudio Morelli, Design Libero.