Man Turns Super Mario World into Flappy Bird

Chris Higgins
YouTube // SethBling
YouTube // SethBling / YouTube // SethBling

YouTuber SethBling hacked Super Mario World to turn it into Flappy Bird. Now, there are lots of ways he could have done this—the easiest would have been by using an emulator and altering the code on a computer. Instead, he chose by far the hardest method, using glitches in the game to manually input the Flappy Bird code by maneuvering Mario around the screen. He live-streamed the whole thing on Twitch, then made the summary video below.

Behold the magic of extreme computer programming, plus endurance:

If you have an hour and a half to kill, here's the Twitch stream. If you're curious about the code, the route, and the specific glitches involved, this Google Doc has it all.

If SethBling's name sounds familiar, he's the guy who set up a neural network to play Super Mario World last year.