Motion-Sensitive Equipment Highlights the Intricacies of Fencing


Fencing moves fast. Each thrust, parry, and lunge happens so quickly that it can be difficult for spectators to truly absorb the choreography of the sport. One way to solve this? Slowing down each detail with motion capture technology.

This proof of concept video from Tokyo-based Dentsu Lab shows a fencing match that's been enhanced with stunning visualizations that break down the subtle moves viewers may not have caught otherwise. According to Fast Co. Design, motion-tracking balls have been attached to the ends of the fencers' épées, and their suits have been outfitted with pressure-sensitive sensors. Using this data, each maneuver has been edited to leave a trail of red or green light, and each hit culminates in a brightly-colored burst of CGI confetti. If the addition of cinematic special effects doesn't convince you that fencing can be exciting, nothing will.

Header/banner images courtesy of Dentsu Lab via YouTube.

[h/t Fast Co. Design]