Watch a Craftsman Make a Colorful Vase Out of Crayons


The process of making a vase out of melted-down crayons produces a beautiful, rainbow mess. In the video above, YouTube user Peter Brown teaches viewers how to sculpt a multicolored vase out of 256 Crayola crayons, covering his workshop in tiny, multicolored bits of wax in the process. In addition to building something that’s both extremely creative and wonderfully colorful, Brown’s journey is full of unexpected discoveries.

Though Brown is clearly an experienced craftsman, he’s never made a crayon vase before, and watching his step-by-step video has its own moments of suspense. What happens when you freeze a box of crayons? Or shove them in the oven? Or sculpt them into shape on a lathe? Watch Brown’s fascinating video to find out.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner Image Credit: Peter Brown, YouTube