DIY: Make Your Own Custom Mugs

YouTube // Mist8k
YouTube // Mist8k / YouTube // Mist8k

Want to make custom mugs without breaking the bank? Let YouTube be your guide. In this video, we see how using white mugs, simple stencils, and porcelain pens results in some pretty handsome mugs. While the video suggests buying the materials online, it's also available locally (most of it in a craft store, and blank mugs are cheap everywhere!).

This is one of those rare D.I.Y. projects that actually seems within my reach. One pro tip: When Andy in the video mentions setting his oven to "160 degrees," he's referring to Celsius. Use 320 degree Fahrenheit if your oven is non-metric.

Related, here's a video about making color-changing mugs. While you may not want to get into that level of complexity, this second video has tips on how to "erase" the porcelain pen marks if you make a mistake.