Google Wants You to Love Your Landline Again

Rudie Obias
iStock / iStock

Remember that clunky old box hanging on the wall of your family’s kitchen that gave you the power to make and receive phone calls? With the advent of mobile phones, landlines have been slowly dying off over the past 20 years. But Google wants you to embrace the home telephone again—only now with the power of the Internet behind it. So the tech giant has begun rolling out Fiber Phone service for Google Fiber subscribers.

For an additional $10 a month, Fiber Phone users get unlimited nationwide calling and texts, caller ID, and call waiting. The service can also transcribe voicemails and send them to you via email or text message. You can keep your current home phone number, too, or pick a new one. Since Fiber Phone lives in the cloud, you can also push phone calls to any web-connected smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Currently, Google Fiber is only available in a few select cities throughout the United States, but new cities are being added just as quickly as you can say “rotary phone.”

[h/t Gizmodo]