Copenhagen’s Harbor Is Getting Three Floating Parks

Shaunacy Ferro

Copenhagen, already a city of islands, is getting a few more. By summer 2017, officials plan on putting three new island parks in the Nordhavn area, all designed by the Danish architecture firm C.F. Møller. The firm’s competition-winning design calls for floating parks on the harbor, each for different water activities, Inhabitat reports.

“The Reef” will be similar to an amphitheater event space where people can sit, practice yoga, fish, hunt for mussels and lobster, and more.

"The Lagoon" is designed to be a water sports arena featuring a pool segregated from the rest of the harbor, where people can play kayak polo (a popular activity in Copenhagen) and paddle board. The final floating island, "The Sun Bath," will have a sauna and feature a protected area for people to learn to swim.

The project will be constructed adjacent to an upcoming 1200-student school (also designed by C.F. Møller), and will serve as an educational space, too. The islands will be open to both students and the general public.

[h/t Inhabitat]

All images courtesy C.F. Møller Landscape.