This Website Creates a Personalized Typeface Using Your Voice

TypeVoice / TypeVoice

Designing a unique typeface is hard (even for those with design chops), but thanks to a new website, all you need is a microphone and a voice. As reported by Fast Company's Co.Create, TypeVoice gives users the opportunity to make and share personalized fonts that are crafted based on the properties of one's voice. The service is a collaboration between The Webby Awards and Ogilvy New York.

"Using volume, pitch, and other audio parameters we’ve created algorithms around this data to animate each character and make the text come to life,"Ogilvy New York creative director Chris Rowson told Co.Create. "Because we use different parameters, you get a number of results when you interact with our experience. Yell, laugh, and whistle into TypeVoice and you’ll find yourself surprised."

Upon landing at, the site asks for permission to use your computer's microphone. After giving the go-ahead, you can then follow speaking prompts with strings of words like "yas" and "in real life." Once the typeface has been created, you can even customize each letter by altering speech patterns.

Soon, the site will feature a gallery so that users can view typefaces made by others, but for now you can share your own via social media platforms (unless the typeface equivalent of your voice looks like Comic Sans and you want to keep that embarrassment to yourself).

Screenshots via TypeVoice

[h/t Co.Create]