These Magnetic Bells and Bike Lights Are Easy to Attach and Remove

Michele Debczak
Palomar / Palomar

Even after splurging on a heavy-duty lock for your bike, that's no guarantee that detachable gear like bells or lights won't get stolen on the street. A simple way to prevent this? Take your bike accessories with you wherever you go. As City Lab reports, a line of magnetic bike gadgets has been designed for just this purpose.

Lucetta, from the Italian company Palomar, is a compact bike light set that can attach magnetically to a metal bicycle frame. The LED lights come in white for the front of your bike and red for the back, and they can be set to flash at different intensities or project a steady stream of light.

Palomar also sells Nello, a spherical, magnetic bike bell that can be rung with a tap of your finger. Nello can be purchased for $23 from their website and Lucetta will set you back $34. Considering that similarly priced bike light sets are more vulnerable to thieves, that's a price that could end up saving you money in the long run.

Images courtesy of Palomar.

[h/t City Lab