The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania
La Vista Police Department
La Vista Police Department / La Vista Police Department

Cop Rescues Cat with A Taser

Police in La Vista, Nebraska, responded to a call about a cat stuck in a tree. The cat was about 20 feet above ground over a creek. Officer T.J. Markowsky explained on Twitter how one officer used his Taser to lure the cat down. The weapon had a laser sight, which left a small red dot wherever it is aimed. Knowing the lure of a laser light to cats, the officer enticed the cat to follow the red dot down the tree, where he was apprehended. The perpetrator was captured and incarcerated at the local Humane Society shelter. Officer Markowsky noted that charges are pending against the cat for scratching him. Six days later, the cat was bailed out by a new owner who adopted him. 

Family Dog Fetches Pound of Marijuana

Miley is a black Labrador in Laurel, Mississippi. On Saturday, she was let outside by her owner for a restroom run, and came back home with a white plastic bag that turned out to be filled with pot!

Investigators called to the Will Hayes Road home Saturday found higher-grade marijuana in baggies rolled up in stick-like shapes and less-potent weed in other baggies, sheriff’s office spokeswoman Allyson Knotts told the Daily News. The stash packaged for distribution weighed about a pound, she noted. Narcotics detectives probing Miley’s find hadn’t made any arrests Wednesday afternoon, Knotts said.

Miley’s owner isn’t a suspect, but police have no leads as to where the bag was found. Miley isn’t saying.

Google April Fool Immediately Backfires

Google rolled out an April Fools Day feature for Gmail called “Gmail Mic Drop” that appended a .gif featuring a Minion (from the movie Despicable Me) dropping a microphone to email messages. The problem was the the button that appended the .gif was right next to the normal “send” button, in the space that normally has a “send and archive” button. So people used it as part of their normal routine without realizing what they’d done. As April 1 dawned in Australia, the problems began. The humorous .gif was accidentally appended to business correspondence, leading to at least one person reporting losing their job. Many other complaints poured into Google and social media. Google has since removed the “Gmail Mic Drop” feature from Gmail. 

Sofa Appears on Roof, Firefighters Baffled

A mysterious full-size sofa was spotted upside-down on the roof of a four-story building in Epsin, Surrey, UK. A fire crew was called to remove it, and had to dismantle the heavy couch before bringing it down by ladder. It was too big to have been passed through the skylight or nearby windows. There was no one home in the building at the time, so the firefighters couldn’t ask. Some speculated that the sofa was blown onto the roof by a recent storm, but that’s unlikely because of its weight.

A Surrey Fire and Rescue spokesman said: “We have absolutely no idea how the sofa got up there – we’re baffled. “I know it’s been a bit windy recently but there’s no way this could have been wind."

Woman Rescued from Car Caught in Power Lines

Last Friday night, an unnamed woman in Medina, Tennessee, managed to drive up a guy wire and get her car stuck hanging from an overhead power line. The 56-year-old driver was unfamiliar with the area and was driving too fast. According to Medina Fire Chief Jeff Rollins, the woman was in the car for almost two hours before she could be extracted. The power company came to turn off the high voltage line, which was caught under one of the front tires. Firefighters used a cherry picker from the power company to reach the car, smash the window, and pull the driver out. She was taken to a hospital in Jackson to be treated for minor injuries.