A 10-Year-Old Girl Made Herself a Prosthetic Arm That Doubles as a Glitter Cannon


We can’t all have Wolverine’s adamantium claws or Wonder Woman’s bracelets. However, thanks to a team of San Francisco engineers, 10-year-old Jordan Reeves now has a prosthetic arm that shoots glitter.

Reeves, who hails from Columbia, Missouri, was born without her lower left arm. Fast Company reports that in January, she was invited to take part in the in the Superhero Cyborgs program in San Francisco. Hosted by nonprofit KIDmob and 3D software firm Autodesk, the 5-day workshop allows kids with upper-limb differences to team up with engineers and create their own custom-made prosthetics.

Reeves was asked to “design the prosthetic or body modification of [her] dreams in a superhero context.” With 3D printers and design tools, she managed to create a prosthetic arm that doubles as a five-barrel glitter cannon. The whimsical creation shoots puffs of sparkles into the air with the pull of a string. Reeves called her creation “Project Unicorn.”

A mentor checks with in with Reeves once a week via video to help her improve the arm. Together, they’re brainstorming ways to refine its sparkle stream via a pressurized system. The two are also at work on another more practical arm that can conduct other functions, like holding a cell phone or groceries.

Watch Reeves show off “Project Unicorn” in the above video, courtesy of Born Just Right.

All images courtesy of YouTube.

[h/t Fast Company]