Google's New Search Feature Teaches Animal Sounds

Andrew LaSane
Google (screenshot)
Google (screenshot) / Google (screenshot)

Learning what sounds animals make is an important and fun part of being a kid, and Google has recently added a feature to help parents drive that lesson home. Mashable reports that the animal sounds feature was announced via Google Austria's blog last month, with instructions for users to ask Google things like, "What does the pig say?"

The search currently features sounds from 19 animals, including cats, humpback whales, and zebras. In addition to audio clips, each search turns up an illustration to help learners associate the sound with visuals of the animal. The name of the animal is also spelled out, and in some cases, the onomatopoeic word for the sound is also shown. (Unfortunately, a search for "What does the fox say?" still results in links to the unlikely 2013 smash hit by the Norwegian band, Ylvis.)

Pro tip: Remember to turn your volume down before clicking the animal sounds.

[h/t Mashable]

Screenshots via Google