Nap on the Go With This Underdesk Hammock

Schnap / Schnap

You're never too old to nap—it's just a matter of finding a comfortable place to do it. According to Mashable, a second-year design student named Aqil Raharjo has developed a product that makes napping at school or at work a better experience than just putting your head on the desk. The Schnap system is an all-in-one hammock set that attaches to the underside of a table or desk using clamps, with a carrying pouch that doubles as a pillow.

The 19-year-old told Mashable he worked on the project while he was a student at Ontario College of Art and Design University. During one winter semester when the school was open 24 hours a day, Raharjo and his fellow classmates regularly studied through the night. Those long hours inspired the Schnap, which Raharjo says was created during the final week of a five-week-long project.

Raharjo is seeking investors so the hammock can be made widely available. His timing couldn't be better. With more businesses adding nap rooms for employees and doctors arguing the benefits of a quick midday snooze, the stigma of clocking out to grab some Zs may soon go away, and the Schnap could make that post-lunch drag a thing of the past.

[H/T Popular Mechanics/Images via Schnap on Facebook]