Here's How to Bake a Cake That Looks Like Jupiter

Kirstin Fawcett

Are you a baker looking for inspiration? Look no further than the cosmos. In the above video, self-taught chef Rhiannon teaches space-loving cooks how to create a scientifically accurate cake model of Jupiter. (You know, as scientifically accurate as a confection could be.) She bakes a small cake, nestles it inside the batter of a larger cake, cooks the two together, and repeats the process. According to WaitWow, the end result is a concentric layered dessert that accurately resembles the gas giant’s outer atmosphere all the way down to its inner core. Learn how to bake the cake in the video above, or check out Rhiannon’s website Cakecrumbs for more detailed instructions.

A word of note: While the video will help you with the construction of the cake itself, there's nothing about how to decorate the fondant to make it look like the Solar System's largest planet. For that, you'll have to channel your inner space artist.

Banner image via YouTube.

[h/t WaitWow]