Take a Look At These Photos of 'Flying Flowers'


Claire Droppert’s photos capture the beauty of flying, through objects that don’t typically fly. In a series called Gravity, the Rotterdam-based designer and photographer explores objects thrown up into the air and photographed at the zenith of their trajectory.

A previous installment, "Sand Creatures," involved the ambiguous shapes made by thrown sand. Her latest subjects are decidedly more spring appropriate—flowers.

“Flower Power” takes blooming flowers and captures them as they’re thrown into the air in a field, as if upset from an unseen roadside cart. Droppert shot the series in the blossoming flower fields of the Netherlands, a country that, centuries ago, had an financial bubble built entirely on tulips.

“I aim to capture the earth’s different elements as they stand alone in their natural surroundings, using moments of zero gravity,” Droppert writes.

You can see the rest of the photos on her website.

All images by Claire Droppert