Watch This GoPro Footage of a Bridge Imploding in Slow-Motion


This is like the beginning of the best music video of all time. According to Popular Mechanics, the controlled implosion of the Washita River Bridge in Oklahoma was filmed by Eric Leslie and submitted as a part of the GoPro Awards, a contest that invites GoPro users to create and share unique content for a chance to win prizes. Shared to YouTube as an official selection, Leslie's footage is only 49 seconds long, but there's more suspense and excitement in it than in the entire runtime of some Hollywood blockbusters.

Typical controlled demolition videos are shot from hundreds of yards away, because that's where it's safest for camera operators to stand. With the GoPro, Leslie was able to get much closer to the action. The clip begins calmly enough, with bluesy harmonica music playing as clouds rush by. The video appears to be slightly sped up until the 18 second mark, when the music drops to a deep hum—just before the explosives reduce the bridge to strap metal in glorious slow motion. A beat drop brings the clip back to full speed, and the entire video is later replayed in real time.

The slow-motion implosion, beat drop, and instant replay will make you rewatch this clip over and over, and perhaps even inspire you to submit videos of your own to the competition next year.

[h/t Popular Mechanics