Master LEGO Builder Recreates the Entire Batcave From Scratch

Andrew LaSane
All images courtesy of Dan Glasure // Flickr
All images courtesy of Dan Glasure // Flickr / All images courtesy of Dan Glasure // Flickr

You probably haven't seen the Batcave look quite like this. Slashfilm recently shared images of an intricately designed LEGO Batcave that takes inspiration from the secret lair's changing style over the years.

According to the Brothers Brick, Dan Glasure's creation includes design aspects from a few versions of the Dark Knight's well-known hideout and includes the Bat-Laboratory, Bat-Arsenal, BatComputer, and even a vault full of Kryptonite.

The intensive project required a lot of effort—and a number of materials. While some sources put Glasure's brick count at around 18,000, the builder tells mental_floss that estimate isn't quite right. "I think it's much higher than that, but I did not keep track."

He did, however, take note of the other recreations of the superhero retreat. "When I set out to build our Batcave MOC [My Own Creation], I was well aware there was already some stunning MOC’s out there ..." Glasure told The Brothers Brick. "I simply hoped to take a little different approach. My thought was to have a ‘working’ Batcave. I wanted it to look as if this was where ‘The World’s Greatest Detective’ spent a lot of time."

[h/t Slashfilm]

All images courtesy of Dan Glasure // Flickr.