It’s easier than ever to justify having beer for breakfast now that you can spread it on your toast. The Scottish craft brewery Innis & Gunn has made spreadable beer in the form of an IPA marmalade.

Launched at the brewer’s new restaurant in Dundee, Scotland, Marm & Ale is made with Innis & Gunn’s oak-aged IPA, according to the Herald Scotland. To pair with it, the company is also launching a marmalade-flavored IPA, so you can eat and drink your beer at the same time.

While the company is marketing its product as the first spreadable beer, a Vermont cannery actually beat them to it last year. Potlicker Kitchen’s beer jellies ($8 a jar online) are made with a wide variety of beer types, from oatmeal stout to raspberry Hefeweizen. But Innis & Gunn might be able to lay claim to the first chunky beer breakfast spread.

For those who can’t tell their various fruit spreads apart, jelly is cooked longer and doesn’t have any fruit chunks in it. Marmalade is basically the same thing as preserves (i.e. chunky) but is specifically citrus-based.

[h/t Boing Boing]