This '70s TV Was Hacked to Play Videos Through Chromecast

Michele Debczak

If we're not watching TV on our laptop or smartphone, there's a chance we're watching it on an actual television using a media-streaming device. Google unveiled the first generation of Chromecast only three years ago, so seeing it used to play YouTube videos on a '70s-era television is more than a little surreal. 

As reported by The Next Web, the latest labor of love from YouTube user Dr. Moddnstine is this Chromecast-enabled, 1978 General Electric portable TV. After salvaging the television from a trash pile, he felt inspired to breathe new life into the relic from his childhood. 

He modified the TV set to be Chromecast-compatible by hooking up its VHF connector to an RF modulator, then connecting the composite video cable usually used for video games to an HDMI adapter. After that, he was able to stream videos on the retro screen just like he would with a modern model.

You can watch Dr. Moddnstine give a quick summary of his process in the video above. For a more in-depth look at how he brought a '70s television into the age of Netflix and Gangnam Style, check out the extended version below. 

Header/banner images courtesy of Dr. Moddnstine via YouTube. 

[h/t The Next Web]