Disney's Haunted Mansion "Ghost Post" Sends Subscribers on a Scavenger Hunt

Disney / Disney

In March, Disney reinvented the idea of the subscription box by offering the “Ghost Post,” a Haunted Mansion-themed package. For $199 total, the “Ghost Relations Department” promised seven to nine mystery items per box for three months.

Within hours, the 999 available boxes were sold out. Now, Ghost Post #1 is hitting homes, and subscribers are discovering that unpacking their delivery is only half the fun. In addition to collectible items, the whole experience is interactive.

Each item in the box seems to be part of an overarching mystery waiting to be solved by each recipient. One fan shared a step-by-step guide to all of the mysteries thus far.

For instance, there’s a mirrored tea cup that reveals a message when placed on the right surface:

StoryForward via YouTube

The box also included materials that reveal hidden messages and clues when placed under a UV light.

HorrorBuzz via YouTube

There’s an assemble-your-own old-fashioned radio to use with the "Phantom Radio," a smartphone app that complements the whole experience.

And for lucky subscribers who live near Disneyland, there was an added bonus: an in-park scavenger hunt. When Steve Peters and StoryForward headed to the park to check it out, they were astonished to discover custom audio aboard the Haunted Mansion's Doom Buggies. Check out their experience below: