Sushi Burgers Are the Next Big Culinary Mash-Up


If you've ever been torn over whether to grab a burger or sushi for lunch, this new food trend, reported by My Modern Met, might be your dream solution. In the style of culinary hybrids likes cronuts and ramen pizza, sushi burgers combine two classic dishes to make a meal greater than the sum of its parts.

The sushi burger can be made with any of the typical ingredients found in a sushi roll. Any combination of salmon, crab, tuna, avocado, or cucumber can be substituted for a traditional beef patty, but there's one component of the sushi burger that always remains the same. Instead of wheat buns, the sandwich is served on two cakes of sticky rice that can either be served as they are or crisped up on a griddle. And just like the two foods that inspired it, a sushi burger is best topped with sesame seeds.

A few restaurants already serve their own versions of the burgers, like Roppongi Asian Tapas Bar & Sushi in Santa Monica, California and Shibuya in Venezuela. In Melbourne, Australia, one restaurant is entirely devoted to the sushi burger concept. You can check out some examples of the fusion masterpiece below.