Blindfolded Gamer Completes Super Mario Bros.

YouTube // きらめきでどーだい
YouTube // きらめきでどーだい / YouTube // きらめきでどーだい

Picture this: You're playing Super Mario Bros. blindfolded. And you're trying to get through the entire game. And you're trying to do it in less than 15 minutes. Okay, now watch it actually happen:

I love watching the gamer orient himself using sound cues (especially as Fire Mario, shooting fireballs against pipes). I can only barely imagine the memorization required to make this work.

My favorite moments:

12:25 - He makes the ultra-difficult World 8-3 flag jump and fist-pumps.

15:00 - He wins the game and weeps with joy (eventually repeating, breathless: "Peach! Peach!").

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