Artist Creates Beautiful, Intricate Glass Animals

Rebecca OConnell
Symmetry Gallery
Symmetry Gallery / Symmetry Gallery

Glassblower Scott Bisson creates wonderfully intricate glass animals and flora. Often focusing on reptiles, amphibians, and fish, the artist, who once trained at Italy's famed glassmaking island of Murano, makes each of his pieces stand out by layering them with complex stripes, swirls, and marbled patterns.

Bisson first became interested in glassblowing at the age of 17. When he learned to melt and bend glass tubes in chemistry class, it piqued his interest and he began creating glass sculptures. After a few years of working with the medium as a hobby, he met artists Skip Horton and Buzz Williams, who acted as mentors to the fledging artist. He worked as a flame worker and furnace worker for four years until eventually going back to school. Bisson has now been working with glass for nearly two decades, and he continues to churn out incredible and unique glass animals.

“I put a little bit of myself into every work of art I create. That is how I [breathe] life into each piece,” he's said. You can check out his whole line of frogs, lizards, and sea creatures on his gallery page.

Images courtesy of Scott Bisson.