Adjust the Lighting of These Portraits By Moving Your Cursor

Satellite Labs via Microsoft
Satellite Labs via Microsoft / Satellite Labs via Microsoft

Anyone with basic photography knowledge can tell you about the importance of lighting. Now a new interactive photo series from Microsoft lets you experience it firsthand. 

Business Insider reports that the tech company launched their "Music x Technology" website last week featuring portraits of musicians Matthew Dear, Phantogram, and Neon Indian. The site was built to highlight projects that utilize music, art, and technology, and this photo collection blends all three. By moving their cursors across the image, visitors are able to adjust each picture's light source while the subjects remain stationary.

The company behind the innovative photography is Satellite Lab, an imaging technology startup based in New York City. To create the photographs, the crew used a high-speed Phantom camera that was able to capture the scenes as a rig of lights swept by at up to 10,000 feet per second. You can watch the behind-the-scenes video below and play around with the final products at Microsoft's website.

[h/t Business Insider]