Website Simulates the Ambient Sounds of a Cafe

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Some people listen to a white noise machine to get relaxed or focus, while others prefer the hustle and bustle of a nice cafe on a Sunday morning. Gizmodo recently opened our eyes and ears to a website called Hipster Sound, which offers visitors looped and customizable audio clips of coffee shop settings designed to appeal to the stereotypical hipster. There's fireplaces, a rainy terrace, and of course the ever-present chorus of indistinct chatter.

On top of options like "Busy Cafe," "Quiet Resto," or "Cafes de Paris," the website gives users the ability to blend additional features to create the perfect mix. You can turn down the cozy fireplace while cranking up the music from the piano bar, or blast them at the same level as the waves outside of the ocean lounge.

Next time you want to log some hours on your screenplay, remember: You might physically be at a drip joint in Seattle, but sonically you could be in a corner cafe in Paris.

Images via Hipster Sound.

[h/t Gizmodo]