In a dog's possession, squeaky toys are almost always destined to be torn to shreds and become a sea of stuffing puffs on the living room floor. Before that though, they're often adorable stuff animals masking boring (translucent, white, and circular) squeakers inside. Toy company Leaps & Bounds decided to mix it up by quietly including heart-shaped squeakers.

The special squeakers are not explicitly advertised and were only discovered when a NOTCOT writer found one in the wreckage of an eviscerated toy. The victim, a "camper" themed duck, held a bright red, heart-shaped squeaker inside. When the author purchased a moose toy from the same collection, it had the exact same adorable feature. While it's admittedly a little creepy to watch your dog rip out an innocent animal's heart, it's certainly a novel idea. You can pick up your own clever squeaky toy here.


[h/t NOTCOT]