Ring in Spring With These Flower Vase Bike Accessories

Colleen Jordan via Etsy
Colleen Jordan via Etsy / Colleen Jordan via Etsy

If you retired your bike for the winter, it's finally time to break it out of storage. Spring weather is perfect for long bike rides (as opposed to spontaneous snowstorms and sweat-inducing heat waves). To really show off your love of the season, try adorning your bike with your favorite flowers.

As featured on Bored Panda, these pint-sized geometric planters are the work of Atlanta-based artist Colleen Jordan. The vases come in several shapes and designs, and can easily attach to the body of a bike using a nylon band, or they can clip on like a bell. Because the plants will likely be seeing more action than the flowers you have on your windowsill at home, it's best to go with something sturdy. The artist recommends filling the planters with a clipping from a succulent or flowers with short, thick stems.

Jordan is the owner of Wearable Planter, a company that specializes in making adorable, portable containers for plants. In addition to mini bike vases, they also sell planters that can be worn as necklaces or pins. Every item is manufactured using a 3D printer and the finishing touches are all added by hand. Bike accessories range from $30 to $45 and can be purchased from Jordan's Etsy shop.

Images courtesy of Colleen Jordan via Etsy.

[h/t Bored Panda]