Watch This Tiny Apartment Transform to Maximize Space


Sometimes moving to a new place means sacrificing space and amenities, but as the video above proves, there are cool ways to make small spaces work. The couple, Michelle and Andy, wanted to live in the center of Hong Kong, but their list of desired amenities proved difficult to cram into their new place, which measures just 309 square feet. To help solve the space limitations, LAAB Architects got to work creating and designing elements that transform into other features, giving the owners a bathtub, big kitchen, a gym, and a movie theater.

"We began considering time as a factor," the designers at LAAB explained in a blog post, "eventually designing the space around a 'Form Follows Time' philosophy, which means that spaces open and close depending on the purposes needed at that particular time." The bathtub transforms into a sofa, the floors lift up to reveal storage areas, cabinets descend from the ceiling, the sink doubles as a counter, and walls shift to provide privacy. 

Other features of the space include cat-friendly areas with a ventilation system to control odor, app-controlled lighting and locking systems, and massive windows that fill the unique space with natural light. LAAB Architects does not list the cost of these customizations, but the owners note that they are very happy with their new home—and that feeling is priceless.

[h/t YouTube]