This App Helps You Find Restaurants That Fit Your Diet

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If you’re looking to grab some quick takeout without compromising your diet, FindMyMacros may be the app for you. Designed for calorie-conscious diners and folks with specific macronutrient goals or dietary requirements, the free app, which is available for iOS and Android, matches you with nearby dining establishments that fit your individual needs.

Lifehacker explains that FindMyMacros uses Yelp’s database of restaurants, but allows users to filter meals by their nutritional value. The app allows users to input extremely specific information, down to the number of grams of fat or protein they want in a meal. It also includes more general search functions that allow users to find meals that fit into categories like “low fat,” “high protein,” or “high/low carbohydrates.”

Though restaurant locations and ratings are provided by Yelp, users can contribute to the app by submitting information about meals from their favorite restaurants. Users can also create profiles and share their meal plans with friends. FindMyMacros is still a work in progress—as more users join and contribute, its database will grow—but even in its early stages, it seems like a great resource for dieters or anyone looking for fast and healthy restaurants on the go.

[h/t Lifehacker]