Watch China's Terrifying and Beautiful Molten Metal Fireworks Display


The village of Nuanquan in China's Hebei Province is home to one of the most unique fireworks displays in the world. As part of a centuries-old tradition, the village rings in the new year not with rockets and mortars, but with molten iron.

During the breathtaking annual performance, a highly skilled blacksmith throws molten iron through the air in huge arcs, letting the sparks fly where they may. Wearing only a wide-brimmed hat and sheepskin vest for protection, the blacksmith performs the DaShuHua (or “Beating the Tree Flowers”) on the nights leading up to Chinese New Year.

In the video above, ABC News goes behind the scenes with the current DaShuHua performer of Nuanquan, a 14th generation blacksmith named Sui Jianguo, as he prepares for his performance. The beautiful video delves into the history of DaShuHua and reveals the dangers and rewards of performing with 2900°F molten metal.

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Banner Image Credit: ABC News, YouTube