This Pet Vest Snaps Photos When Your Dog Wags Its Tail


No matter how quick you are with a smartphone, it's impossible to document every highlight of your pooch's life. But as long as they're wearing this vest, their happy moments will be captured and posted online whether you're in the room or not.

The "Posting Tail," as reported by Petapixel, is a piece of high-tech canine swag from Pedigree Spain and the advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi. A built-in accelerometer detects when your dog's tail is wagging and a Raspberry Pi processor discerns an enthusiastic wag from a lackluster one. Only when the dog is at its happiest does the vest snap a photo and upload it to Facebook automatically. The vest also records GPS data so you can track where they were when each picture was taken.

Nikon released a similar device last year that triggers a camera based on your pet's heart rate, the major difference being that it doesn't also upload the pictures to social media. Perhaps that's for the best (my dog has been known to get excited over some pretty nasty things he's dug up). Even if you are interested in having your pet try one out they're not easy to come by. You can register to win one for a week-long trial at

Header/banner images courtesy of Pedigree via YouTube.

[h/t Petapixel]