This Smartphone Stabilizer Lets You Shoot Steady Video Like the Pros


A shaky camera is something that works in found footage horror movies, but it's not what you want to see when watching amateur video shot with a GoPro or smartphone. PetaPixel recently shared a fun and cheap solution: a pocket-sized stabilizer called the Smoovie, which uses a magnetic gimbal to keep your device from bouncing up and down as you move around.

Professional stabilizers like the ones used in film are big and complicated rigs that will set you back more than a few bucks, but the Smoovie is small, lightweight, and requires about as much setup time as a selfie stick. The grip is adjustable so that most smartphones and GoPro cameras will fit, and the handle, degree of tilt, and weight of the counterbalance can also be customized to fit the user's needs.

A Kickstarter launched this week to bring the product into production, and it has already surpassed its $14,000 goal. You can still head over to the page to become a backer and secure your own Smoovie for as little as $16. Watch the intro video above to see the nifty device in action.

[h/t PetaPixel]

Images via Kickstarter