Google Calendar Wants to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Shaunacy Ferro
Google / Google

Google Calendar has instituted a new way to prevent you from putting off goals like working out or reading every day. Its new goals function, announced Tuesday, finds time within your schedule for those things you really want to do (in theory) but often delay in favor of more pressing tasks. 

In the Android and iOS app, you can set goals you'd like to accomplish as often as once a day or as seldom as once a week. Just tell the app what you think is the best time to get it done, and your calendar will adjust. If something comes up and you schedule another event at that same time, the app will automatically move that meditation session or run. The more you use it, the more the goals function tailors its scheduling to your needs. As you defer, edit, or complete different goals, the app will learn the best times to fit your goals in.

Download it for Android or iOS.

[h/t Fast Company]