These Novelty Headphones Let You Put Sharks and Rubber Ducks in Your Ears

Rebecca OConnell
Amazon / Amazon

Turn some heads while listening to a podcast with a pair of DCI's novel headphones, Earbuds. The fun and colorful selection features animals, food, and symbols that all fit nicely in your ears. Perhaps the best of the selection is this pair, which makes it look like a shark is swimming through your ears (you can also get dog ear plugs that have a similar effect). Other fun options include macaroni and cheese, alligators, rubber ducks, sushi, and more. There's also a collection of glitzier options like these swanky gems

As for the quality, they apparently have an OK sound. While they're probably not competing with some of the higher-end options out there, some reviewers have compared their sound to acceptable brands like SkullCandy. This is pretty impressive, considering you have a shark in your ears.