This Clever T-Shirt Will Help You Communicate in Any Language

Rudie Obias
Iconspeak/Facebook / Iconspeak/Facebook

Although traveling the world can be an eye-opening experience, there are times when not knowing the language can create a giant cultural gap between people—especially if you can't find the nearest restroom. Fortunately, there's a clever new clothing collection that can help you travel smarter.

Iconspeak helps break down the language barrier, no matter where you are, by featuring universal symbols for words like "time," "hotel," "food," "hospital," "telephone," "Wi-Fi," and, of course, "bathroom." All you have to do is point.

The collection was created by three friends who, while visiting Vietnam in 2015, found themselves unable to communicate with the people around them—which got them thinking about a simple way to communicate that wouldn't require electricity, Wi-Fi, or an elaborate game of charades.

IconSpeak T-shirts retail for $33. Tote bags, hats, and tank tops are also available in their online store and range in price from $22 to $44.