Watch Some of Yellowstone's Grizzlies Play in a "Bear Bathtub"


Bears likes to splish and splash in the bath just as much as humans, and thanks to some hidden cameras, National Geographic was able to catch them in the act—and they just released footage of a few of Yellowstone’s finest grizzly bears frolicking in a “bear bathtub.”

A “bear bathtub” is a commonly used nickname for naturally occurring swimming holes within the National Park. Aside from being incredibly cute, the videos offer important insight into the behavior of these North American mammals.

And if these bathing beauties have left you wanting more stories on America’s first national park, we have good news: it’s part of the lead-in to National Geographic Magazine's May 2016 issue, which is a single-topic edition focusing on Yellowstone National Park. The magazine is covering the parks all year long in honor of the National Park Service’s Centennial Anniversary.

In the meantime, enjoy the secret camera footage above.

Banner image via National Geographic.