6 Wonderful Galician Words for the Rain in Spain

Arika Okrent
iStock / iStock

Galicia is a region of Spain known for its rainy weather and its distinctive language, which is related to Portuguese. This video by Yorokubu illustrates six of the more than 70 words for rain found in Galician. They were collected by Professor Elvira Fidalgo of the University of Santiago de Compostela. The video is in Spanish, translated below.

Galician has more than 70 words for rain. In the Roman era, there was only the word: pluvia. But then things got complicated. They saw that rain differed by the form in which it fell: if it was fine drops, if it was big drops, if it was cloudy out, if it was sunny out.

1. Froallo

Rain that is fluffy and misty like a wisp of wool.

2. Babuña

Rain that reflects the sound of a drooly baby.

3. Battuere

An intense and ephemeral rain.

4. Torbón

Rain with lightning and thunder.

5. Patiñeira

Rain with the sound of walking in puddles.

6. Sarabiada

Rain that falls on ice and snow.

An article (in Spanish) by Carlos Carabaña with more explanation of these rain words and others can be found here.