This Feral Cat Shelter Is Grand Architecture for Felines

Shaunacy Ferro
Formation Association
Formation Association / Formation Association

This outdoor hut for neighborhood cats is perfect for felines looking for a Brutalist cathedral vibe in their home. Called Cat-à-Tête, the structure is based on the S-shaped “tête-à-tête" seat, where two people sit facing each other.

As reported by Archinect, the project—a collaboration for a Los Angeles exhibition called Architects for Animals: Giving Shelter—was put together by designers at Formation Association, Arktura, and BuroHappold Engineering. It's crafted out of a felt-like, sound-dampening material and is designed to protect feral cats from predators and the elements, giving them a safe place to rest and play.

Image Credit: Meghan Bob Photography

The exterior of the shelter is perfect for sprawling in the sun, but there are also interior niches suitable for hiding.

Image Credit: Formation Association

Take a look at it in action in the video below:

Architects for Animals - Cat-à-Tête from Stephen Schauer on Vimeo.

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[h/t Archinect]