Never Misplace Your Glasses Again With These Nose-Shaped Stands

Michele Debczak

The human nose is nature's perfect eyeglass holder, but these funky stands from Los Angeles-based OSSO Design make a pretty good surrogate. 

Appropriately named "NOSSO," the nasal-inspired stands are ideally shaped to support your sunglasses, prescription glasses, or anything else designed to sit on the bridge of a nose. The porcelain holders are handmade by a team of "expert nosemen" and come in two skin tones. 

OSSO's creative director Celina Pereira also painted a handful of the stands for a limited edition "Artist Series." The collection featured noses adorned with smiling lips, freckles, and sunny side up eggs retailing for $50. Each hand-painted schnoz was one-of-a-kind, so they sold out quickly, but you can still purchase a plain nose to decorate yourself starting at $34.

[h/t Dieline]

Images courtesy of OSSO Design.