Watch a 3D Printer Spit out an Oozy-Gooey Pizza


Microwaves once replaced stoves. Will 3D printers someday replace microwaves? If so, Barcelona, Spain-based food agency Natural Machines is way ahead of everyone. According to Tech Insider, the company has created a line of 3D food printers, including an elaborate machine called the “Foodini.” It forms dough into pretzels, fills ravioli, and even layers crust, sauce, and cheese into pizza.

The machine doesn’t come loaded with ready-made ingredients quite yet. For now, you’ll have to place them inside reusable capsules, which the Foodini then squirts out “following a precise, set pattern." Plop the gooey result into an oven, and voila—a tasty dish that took only half the prep of a regular meal. 

The Foodini is $2000, which is likely why it’s currently only used by high-end restaurants. If hand-assembled meals fit your budget better than 3D printed ones, you can still watch this 2014 video (above) of the Foodini making a pizza.

[h/t Eater]

Banner image courtesy of YouTube.