The Lavish Former Estate of a Famous Mob Boss Will Be Up For Auction

Guernsey's / Guernsey's

If you or someone you know is in the market for a 1.3-acre estate in the New Jersey Palisades with great views of Manhattan, six to seven bedrooms, and ties to the mafia of the 1940s and '50s, then we have just the place. Auction house Guernsey's recently announced that it will be auctioning off a private estate built by mob boss Umberto "Albert" Anastasia. They will be offering a first-look tour of the property by invitation this week, and have also shared a gallery of images (below) for those who can't see the impressive home and grounds in person.

According to Guernsey's, Anastasia selected the plot of land on which to build a home for his family in 1947. He lived there until 1957, when he was famously assassinated in a Manhattan barbershop.The New York Times reports that the government once used the home against Anastasia; he was being charged with tax evasion and the prosecutor asked how somehow could build this property while claiming not to have had a source of income for five years. 

The current owner is the owner of the NY Waterway ferry company, Arthur Imperatore. Imperatore has held the keys to the estate for 40 years, and he was preceded by former owners Del Webb (part-owner of the New York Yankees) and comedian Buddy Hackett. In addition to the prime location, the home has a projection room, recreation room, pool, wood-paneled library, finished basement with a spa, and other amenities fit for a king (or a don). The estate goes up for auction on June 8 (the minimum bid is $5.5 million).

All images via Guernsey's