Spider Catcher Lets Pacificists Catch and Release Bugs

Rebecca OConnell
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Spiders and bugs are seen as uninvited guests in most homes, but that doesn't necessarily mean they deserve a death sentence for stepping into unknown territory. If killing spiders seems inhumane to you, consider My Critter Catcher, a tool that lets you easily catch and release bugs while keeping a safe distance.

The device was invented by Irish entrepreneur Tony Allen, whose a son has a fear of spiders. The device's long pole allows the user to reach the spiders (even while cowering), and squeezing the handle opens the plastic bristles, which constrict around the target and keep it from running off. Once the culprit is apprehended, the user can whisk the bug outside where it belongs. You can see how My Critter Catcher works in the video from Business Insider below: