Let This Bot Generate Millions of Logos for Your Brand

Screenshot via MarkMaker
Screenshot via MarkMaker / Screenshot via MarkMaker

Beyond offering a product or service that people want, every great company needs an attractive and memorable logo. For those who are not artistically inclined, hiring a professional graphic designer is usually the way to go, but according to FastCoDesign, there's a way to choose from millions of free logo options just by typing the name of your business into a website and clicking a few hearts.

The Mark Maker website explains that the system treats every logo like a "symbol with two parts: a base design, and an accent element." Typefaces are pulled from Google Fonts while icons are taken from the Noun Project, then an effects and modification library turns those symbols and letters into a seemingly endless array of unique logos. Starting with a selection of randomly generated designs, Mark Maker asks users to use a heart rating system to show which ones they prefer. A genetic algorithm then uses those preferences to narrow down the options to show designs that better suit the individual or company. 

To test the bot, we ran the mental_floss name through it, first without using the heart system, then with added likes and specification of an industry (we chose "Farm or Food Production" just to see what would happen). It goes without saying that a human graphic designer would be able to create a more finely tuned logo, but the Mark Maker website makes up for its lack of creativity with a vast quantity of options. So even if it takes five or 10 minutes of scrolling, odds are that you will find a halfway decent choice.

[h/t FastCoDesign]