These Teabags Feature Ninjas, Samurai, Geisha, and Sumo Wrestlers

Rebecca OConnell
Yamasu Sugimoto Shoten
Yamasu Sugimoto Shoten / Yamasu Sugimoto Shoten

Teabag designs offer a lot of room for variety. In the past, we've covered teabags with literary quotes and teabags that open up into the shape of goldfish. One of the latest additions to the trend of green teabags are these products inspired by Japanese culture, Laughing Squid reports. Made by Japanese company Yamasu Sugimoto Shoten, each green teabag features a paper character shaped like a ninja, samurai, geisha, or sumo wrestler at the end of the product's string. The designs hook on to the side of the mug for easy teabag retrieval.

They are currently sold out, but you can check out the company's online store here.

[h/t Laughing Squid]