IMAX Introduces Immersive Exercise Program

Anna Green

IMAX has announced plans for an immersive indoor cycling experience that will let riders speed through forests, float through the solar system, and soar across the Hawaii coast—all without leaving the gym. Gizmodo reports that the company, best known for its massive, immersive movie screens, will launch its new multimedia-driven spin class, called IMAXShift, in Brooklyn this spring.

Though they’re trading popcorn-covered movie theater seats for sweat-soaked stationary bikes, IMAXShift will be structurally and conceptually similar to the IMAX movie theater experience: An enormous screen will fill the front of the class, playing immersive nature footage. Professional spin teachers will lead the class, and riders will pedal along, motivated both by their instructors and the images that fill their field of view.

The IMAXShift experience will also track riders’ statistics, including distance, resistance, RPM, and calories, providing a performance summary after each session. Combining the blaring music and the intense, single-minded workout that characterize traditional spin classes with a more meditative visual experience, IMAXShift aims to create a workout that appeals to both mind and body.

It’s unclear whether IMAXShift has plans to open additional locations. Check out the promo above.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner Image Credit: IMAXShift, YouTube